Merchandise Consolidation and transport from China, Turkey, and Dubai to Cameroon

Price per CBM

Last updated: 16/03/2023

china to cameroon


FCFA 295,000
  • 400Kg / CBM
  • Custom duties covered
  • Delivery in 60 days
Turkey to cameroon


FCFA 280,000
  • 400 KG/ CBM
  • Custom duties covered
  • Delivery in 40 days
UAE to cameroon


FCFA 295,000
  • 400 kg / CBM
  • Custom duties covered
  • Delivery in 60 days

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Rent a container to transport your goods from China, Turkey and Dubai.

Interested in our current container offer? Look at the different container types. Do you have any inquiries regarding the various container types?

The types of containers we offer.

Depending on the type of merchandise, size of the goods, and fragility, we offer different container solutions that help preserve the integrity of your goods.

The shipping container, often known as a dry van container or dry box, is the most typical type of container. This kind of container is utilized for both domestic and international road transportation and is an excellent storage option. The most popular sizes for shipping containers are 20FT and 40FT. Compared to a regular shipping container, a High Cube container is a little taller. Shipping containers are also known as dry boxes, dry van containers, and cargo containers.

A shipping container with a generator that cools the cargo is referred to as a "reefer container," or refrigerated container. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, fish, flowers, and medications are examples of potential cargo in a reefer container. Learn more about reefer containers, including what they are and how they operate.

Transporting liquids or chemicals is handled in tank containers. Which kind of liquids can be transported in a tank container is determined by the IMO certification of the tank.

Containers with an open top can be loaded from the top. This is very useful when using a crane or forklift to handle bricks or other objects. The roof of an open top container can be replaced with a tarpaulin since it is not fixed.

Transporting items with unusual dimensions is done with flat rack containers. Because a flat rack container has no sides, this is conceivable. Find out more about flat rack containers.


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