Dubai also called Juha, the character from the very popular folktale Arabian nights that provides pleasurable rides to visitors of all ages
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Located in Jumeirah, precisely In front of the iconic Burj Al Arab is the Dubai wild wadi park one of the first parks of Dubai also called Juha, the character from the very popular folktale Arabian nights that provides pleasurable rides to visitors of all ages. The park has a total of 3 pools and 30 rides. While at the park, you can have the view of the beautiful Burj Al Arab, the world-famous Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach and more! Do note that not all the rides at the park are family-friendly. Some rides have a précised heigh, weight and health limit but rides such as master plasters and Juha journey are open to all.

Some of the top and most exciting rides at the park with Naak services

The master blaster:  this has been recognized as the fastest amazing rides in the world. The master blaster throws you 15meters high up in the air. You can choose from a variety of rides like Falaj Fury, Jebel Lookout, Falcon Fury, Wadi Basher among many others.

The tantrum alley: this consist of water slides and tornados. The downhill waterslide leads you into the first tornado where you go forward and backwards several times and then spin in circles after which you get into the next two tornados and finally fall into the pool.

Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon:   this is one of the best rides for kids and families. It is a large colorful and vibrant area which beams with tons of kid’s activities, water guns, racing slides, there are even a few slides for babies, and a huge dumping bucket which tumbles water down every two minutes.

Jumeirah Sceirah: This is the tallest, fastest free-fall slide outside the Americas. One climbs the 32m tall tower and gets spectacular views of the Burj and the serene beach and at the top two capsules await your arrival at the top. You fall at a speed of 80km/h from the 120m tall slide.

While visiting the wild wadi take note of these;

When on the rides and slides, visitors are not allowed to wear:

Only innerwear

Transparent gold sheer bathing suits

Street clothes and long flowing clothes

Attire that has accessories that would harm fellow guests when in the pools or may damage slides

Regular diapers are not allowed. Swim diapers or water-proof diapers are allowed and can be purchased at the stores within the park.

No wearing spectacles or sunglasses when on the rides

Muslim swimwear like Burkini’s are available at the stores in the park.

Wear the swimming costumes at all times especially on the rides; you won’t be allowed without one.

Several wrinkles are harmful and thus are not recommended for pregnant women, the disabled people, and people with heart/back conditions.

All the rides have information/instructions in the queue.

No eatables, except for drinking water, are allowed inside the park.

Some of the wrinkles allow people only above 1.1m.

The instructions of lifeguards must be followed at all times especially when asked to wait before the start of the slide tub.

The lifeguard must be allowed to make your seating arrangement before the start of any ride. Parents must accompany their kids under 13 years of age.

For a quick ride at the wild wadi, explore these amazing food spots

  • Julshan’s Burgers and Dogs: Fast-food favorites like burgers, hot dogs and beverages.
  • Juha’s Family Kitchen: Fast food and healthier options like salads, etc.
  • Smoke House: An American BBQ grill with ribs, steaks and more
  • Riptide Pizza: Nothing like a good old Italian pizza that keeps the family happy.
  • Leila’s Fruits and Snacks: A healthy food joint serving fresh-cut fruit and more.
  • Shahbandar’s Cafe: The perfect place to grab a quick bite like popcorn, milkshakes and more.

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